George Reisman har publicerat ett inlägg av Gen LaGreca på sin blogg. Inlägget heter ”UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE IS WHAT’S SICKO” och är helt underbart. Bör läsas. Utdrag:

Michael Moore says he made the film, ”Sicko,” to ”ignite a fire for free, universal healthcare.” How absurd is it for someone seeking proper healthcare to take an odyssey to Communist Cuba? That Moore’s camera-rolling entourage would receive the same healthcare as a Cuban citizen stretches even a child’s imagination. His film should be renamed ”Another Celebrity Falls for Dictator’s Dog-and-Pony Show.”

People like Moore believe capitalism is the disease and government takeover the cure for our healthcare ills. They think people have a ”right” to free healthcare simply because they need it.

If so, why stop at medicine? Couldn’t we claim the same ”right” to other necessities? Take food, for instance. What if the government seized control of the food industry and fed us for free with a new entitlement, ”Foodcare”?

Läs hela!


  1. Faktum är att rätten till mat är en mänsklig rättighet, inkluderad i flera konventioner som både USA och Sverige har ratificerat. Denna rätt gäller inte bara medborgarna i ett land, utan alla människor som befinner sig inom landets gränser. Likaså är faktiskt sjukvård en mänsklig rättighet. Det är märkligt att det finns människor som tycker att det inte ska vara det.

  2. Yes, I agree. In America half of the nation is over weight because they eat processed unhealthy food. These same middle class people that are obese then look to the government for help because they have eaten themselves into the grave. They can’t afford the ”lifestyle” any longer and then want government to automatically foot the bill for high blood pressure and diabetes medication. America could help its self free of charge if it wanted to…


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