Nya eftergifter för Iran


The United States is ”very pleased by the strength of this resolution” after two years of diplomacy, said R. Nicholas Burns, undersecretary for political affairs at the State Department.

”It’s a significant international rebuke to Iran and it’s a significant tightening of international pressure on Iran,” Burns said. ”We do believe it’s going to leave Iran even more isolated than it has been.”


Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki rejected the sanctions and said Iran had no intention of suspending its enrichment program.

”The world must know — and it does — that even the harshest political and economic sanctions or other threats are far too weak to coerce the Iranian nation to retreat from their legal and legitimate demands,” Mottaki told the Security Council after the vote.

Varför? Därför att de nya sanktionerna är lika tandlösa som de gamla:

The new sanctions — already a compromise between the stronger measures favored by the United States and the Europeans and the softer approach advocated by Russian and China — are considered modest. The ban on exports is among the harshest measures, but many of Iran’s arms sales may not be affected because they are illicitly sent to militant groups like Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Shiite militias in Iraq.

The new resolution calls for voluntary restrictions on travel by the individuals subject to sanctions, on arms sales to Iran, and on new financial assistance or loans to the Iranian government.

It asks the International Atomic Energy Agency to report back in 60 days on whether Iran has suspended enrichment and warns Iran could face further measures if it does not. But it also says all sanctions will be suspended if Iran halts enrichment and makes clear that Tehran can still accept a package of economic incentives and political rewards offered last year if it complies with the council’s demands. (Min kursivering.)

Med andra ord står inget på spel för Iran. Är det verkligen undra på att Iran föraktfullt fortsätter som om inget har hänt? Är det verkligen undra på att de mer eller mindre skrattar åt omvärlden? Är det verkligen undra på att utan att oroa sig det minsta för konsekvenserna kidnappar brittiska soldater och mördar amerikanska soldater i Irak?


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