Vi måste bli TUFFARE i kriget mot islamism!

Dr Hurd kom i fredags med en, som alltid, klockren analys:

There is a danger from this latest attack, beyond the obvious danger to those unfortunate people killed or injured in the attack itself. The debate in our society will now, quite possibly, take a turn. On the one side you will have George W. Bush and probably Tony Blair who will argue, in essence, that what we’re doing (that is, fighting in Iraq and frisking civilians at airports) is working and all we need to do is more of it. On the other side, you will find those who, like John Kerry last year, say that the United States is the problem rather than the solution, and in order to beat the terrorists we have to let the U.N. (made up of terrorist nations itself) take the lead. Somehow, we’re supposed to believe that Kofi Anan and the socialist leaders of Europe will do for us what the cowboy George W. Bush failed to do, through appeasement and toleration of the intolerable. I don’t think so!

What will be missing from this debate between the Bush-Blair ”hang toughers” and the wimpy appeasers is any recognition that maybe we’re not tough enough on the terrorists and the states who sponsor them.

Läs hela!


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