Dagens last

Boston Globe om den misslyckade terrorattacken på Time Square i New York:

[T]he “lone wolf’’ theory does not make a terrorist attack any less terrifying than one connected to an official pack of wolves — especially if the lone wolf is inspired by the same pack mentality.

Whether or not Shahzad was connected to a militant jihadist Pakistani network, “he is not a lone wolf,’’ argues M. Zuhdi Jasser, president and founder of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, a group that promotes the separation of religion and state. “The ideas that drove him to act did not hatch in his own mind. We ignore to our own detriment the common ideology, the common malignant virus of the slippery slope of political Islam that takes over these Muslims. When are we going to wake up as a nation?’’

Kunde inte sagt det bättre själv.

Theodore Dalrymple om grekernas irrationella reaktion inför krisen:

The Greek demonstrators did not understand, or did not want to understand, that if there were justice in the world, many people, including themselves, would be worse rather than better off, and that a reduction in their salaries and perquisites was not only economically necessary but just.

Wall Street Journal recenserar Robert Bryces bok Power Hungry som ger perspektiv på vårt enorma behov av fossila bränslen:

It might be better, and much more realistic, says Robert Bryce in ”Power Hungry,” to imagine our journey toward a ”green” energy Arcadia in units of Saudi Arabia. ”Over the past few years,” he writes, ”we have repeatedly been told that we should quit using hydrocarbons. Fine. Global daily hydrocarbon use is about 200 million barrels of oil equivalent, or about 23.5 Saudi Arabias per day. Thus, if the world’s policy makers really want to quit using carbon-based fuels, then we will need to find the energy equivalent of 23.5 Saudi Arabias every day, and all of that energy must be carbon free.”


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