”The Real Right to Health Care Versus Socialized Medicine”

Nu kan du läsa George Reismans pamflett The Real Right to Health Care Versus Socialized Medicine på Internet.

Ett utdrag för att väcka ert intresse:

A leading socialist feature of the system is that the typical wage earner has been led to regard medical care as essentially free, either completely free or virtually completely free, or, at most, 80 percent free after a modest deductible and then completely free after a relatively modest maximum limit on his own outlays. Thus, the psychology of the average American worker in relation to the cost of medical care has become the same as if he were living under communism. For all practical purposes, medical care comes to him simply according to his need for it. This situation is both based upon and reinforces the perverted notion of the right to medical care as a right divorced from considerations of what one has earned and can afford to pay and of the willingness of suppliers to satisfy one’s need out of regard to their own financial self-interest. As I say, under the system of medical insurance of the last forty years or so, medical care appears to come to the average wage earner almost as though by magic, on virtually no other basis than that he needs it.

The present system also shares with socialism—with communism—the further, corollary feature that for all practical purposes the individual’s burden (the actual financial cost of his treatment) is borne by a large group—a more or less giant collective. Thus, when an individual with medical insurance undergoes procedures with a cost of $10,000, say, he personally may pay nothing at all or, at most, perhaps $1,100 or $1,200; the entire rest of the cost is spread over the group as a whole. And if the individual undergoes medical procedures with a cost that is twice as great or ten times as great, the cost to him, if anything at all, will still be no more than $1,100 or $1,200, and the much larger remaining total will be spread over the group as a whole.

This is a system of collectivism. For all practical purposes, it is the same as exists under communism or socialism. Although called medical insurance, it is actually a hybrid of insurance and collectivized medical costs. It is insurance only insofar as it provides for the meeting of extraordinary, catastrophic medical expenses. For the rest, it is a system simply of collectivized medical costs.

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