Ren tur duger inte

Telegraph skriver med anledning av de senaste dagarnas utveckling i Storbritannien:

According to the Security Service, nearly 2,000 Britons linked to al-Qa’eda are under surveillance, and as many as 30 potential terrorist plots are being tracked. We can only assume that the cell that carried out the latest attacks was not under close observation, since its members would have been intercepted before planting their bombs. In other words, despite the extraordinary number of suspects being watched, there will inevitably be potential terrorists of whom MI5 is unaware.

Situationen i Storbritannien är mycket allvarlig. IBD säger det bäst: ”They have to get lucky just once. We have to be lucky all the time”. Så här ligger det till:

In Piccadilly Circus, only a stroke of good luck prevented an explosion that could have toppled a three-story nightclub and killed hundreds. Authorities had no inkling terrorists planned to blow up cars packed with petro bombs and nails. An ambulance crew tipped off police after noticing vapors building up inside one of them, a Mercedes parked outside a popular nightclub.

Inside the car, police found 60 liters of gas in containers, propane gas canisters and hundreds of nails — enough firepower to spread carnage across two football fields. The area at the time was buzzing with thousands of people patronizing restaurants, bars and theaters.

Several blocks away, police found a second car containing the same bomb components, commonly used in Baghdad. Other suspicious vehicles are being investigated.

Most disturbing, the MI5 had no prior intelligence such a multiple attack was under way. The plot came from nowhere. The Brits had ”no indication that we were going to be attacked this way,” conceded Peter Clarke, head of Scotland Yard counterterrorism. (Min kursivering.)

De som säger att mer polisärt arbete och en mer aktiv underrättelsetjänst är ”lösningen” på den islamiska terrorismen bör notera detta. Det fungerade inte före den 11 september och det är för tidigt för att avgöra om det fungerade efter den 11 september. Som det ser ut just nu är det bara en fråga om ren tur att inget har hänt. Och frågar ni mig är tur inget som räcker för min del. Nej, det finns bara en långsiktigt hållbar lösning: tillintetgör staterna som sponsrar den islamiska terrorismen.


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