Vad är fel med multikulturalism?

Peter Schwartz har skrivit en bra artikel, “Multiculturalism as Tribalism”, i vilken han grundligen går igenom—och utvärderar—multikulturalismens natur:

What decent person could possibly be against multiculturalism? After all, it supposedly stands for tolerance and respect toward people from other cultures.

If you oppose multiculturalism, you are branded as evil. You’re a xenophobe or a racist. You’re someone who wants to keep foreigners out of the country. You regard people who speak a different language as your enemies. You want to deny them their rights. And all multiculturalism wants—we’re told—is for people from different cultures to be able to live together peacefully. Why would anyone oppose that?

Because in reality, multiculturalism is something very different. It is an ideology with one fundamental purpose: to keep us from judging things as good or bad. Multiculturalism is the demand that no ”culture” be elevated above any other. It is the demand that all beliefs held by various groups be regarded as equally valid and equally good.

Let’s look at what multiculturalism actually entails.

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En bra indikation

Jag kan inte låta bli att uppmärksamma en artikel av Nolan Finley. Låt mig citera:

America has elected few presidents who’ve had significant and successful business careers before entering the Oval Office. So the absence of any private sector executive experience on Barack Obama’s resume doesn’t set him that far apart from his predecessors.

But his aloofness to how business works sure does.

Speaking this week to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the president assured the nation’s business leaders that he ”gets it,” that he understands the pressure cooker they’ve lived in during this deep recession and snail’s pace recovery.
And then he made a strange plea for a guy who ”gets it.” He asked them to stop knocking themselves out to keep their enterprises afloat and just go out and hire someone.

Having failed to restart America’s job engine by saturating it in $800 billion of stimulus starter fluid, Obama is now appealing to altruism.

Invoking JFK, the president urged executives to ”ask yourself what you can do for America.” His ask: Take the $2 trillion sitting on their sidelines and add workers to their payrolls.

The response was described as polite, which is a nice way of saying they thought him clueless.

Om denna artikel är en indikation på vad vi kan förvänta oss i framtiden, då talar det väl för USA:s framtid. Varför? Därför att här har vi en artikel där en icke-objektivist som explicit FÖRDÖMER Obama för att vädja till altruism!

Denna artikel hade inte varit möjlig för tio år sedan. Kanske inte ens för fem år sedan. Detta är verkligen inget man ser varje dag. Detta är ett tecken på att Ayn Rands perspektiv verkligen håller på att vinna mark i USA, håller på att bli en del av mainstream!

From The Detroit News:’s-new-jobs-plan#ixzz1DgfBx3vd