”Objectivist Philosophy for Fun and Profit”

I the National Review finns det en trevlig artikel med titeln ”Objectivist Philosophy for Fun and Profit”. Den handlar om John Allison, fd vd för BB&T, implementerade Ayn Rands filosofi i bankens affärer och som en följd inte bara blev väldigt framgångsrika. Man kommer även att rida ut ur finanskrisen utan större problem. Artikeln är inte perfekt, men i den mån de låter Allison få tala kommer ändå Rands poäng fram. Ett utdrag för att väcka ert intresse:

However, simply because Rand doesn’t endorse altruism for altruism’s sake, many people misconstrue her to be amorally selfish. Rand “doesn’t view ethics as self-sacrificial,” Allison says, “she views ethics as a rational means to success and happiness. If you described her in principle, she would say that you shouldn’t take advantage of other people because that is unethical behavior and self-defeating. But you also shouldn’t self-sacrifice. What you really need to do is run your life in relationship to other people in context to what she calls the trader principle. The trader principle is about what I call creating win-win relationships. We trade value for value and we get better together, and we find these common grounds where we can get better together.”

If that can be said to be BB&T’s guiding principle, the empirical evidence would suggest that the bank’s customers and shareholders are better off for it. In fact, it was misguided altruism that got us into the current financial crisis, and Allison has no problem identifying whose economic philosophy was flawed. “I think that government policy is the primary cause” of the financial crisis, he says. “Government policy set up the problems we have in the real-estate market, and it is the Big Kahuna in the room.”

Så läs artikeln och sprid den till andra som kan tänkas vara intresserade.

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