Musikens BNP vs. musikaliskt välbefinnande

Även om bruttonationalprodukten (BNP) har sina brister tycker jag samtidigt att kritiken mot densamma ofta är obefogad. Med det sagt kommer ekonomen Mark J Perry här med en för omväxlingsskull bra poäng beträffande BNPs svagheter:

The abundance of low-cost (almost free) music also illustrates one of the shortcomings of GDP accounting when it comes to measuring our economic well-being or standard of living. Americans’ “music well-being” is clearly at an all-time high for the reasons discussed above. But according to official GDP statistics that include retail music sales, the nation’s “music well-being” today (measured by $12.2 billion in sales) is about half of what it was in 1999 when music sales were $23 billion (in 2020 dollars)! According to official GDP accounting, the “Golden Age of Music” was back in 1999 during the era of CDs, when it’s obvious that we’re experiencing the most miraculous music renaissance in history that isn’t remotely being captured by national income accounting. 

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